TGB4 2014 – The Ultimate Prius Event

 TGB4 2014 - large

To Go Before is the first and only national owners’ and future owners’ event celebrating the first family of hybrids, the Prius Family. 2014 marks the second year of this uber-cool event.

Through three generations, numerous models, and millions of owners, Prius has become synonymous with hybrid automobiles. Prius holds many accolades, including being the most successful and widely spread hybrid car on the planet, as well as the most popular car model in the entire state of California.

To Go Before was created by two Prius owners and enthusiasts as a way to get together with other owners and enjoy their shared passions. It’s been designed as a fun event with some technical training and a wide range of other activities, as well as opportunities to see, drive and learn all models of the current Prius.

Advantage Marty from Advantage Toyota Scion will be reporting live from his Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid at this national event.

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