Study: Women More Comfortable With Negotiating Than Men

Woman and Man Buying a Car

Negotiation. Easily one of the least desirable aspects of buying a car for most shoppers. But, reports Auto Remarketing, it seems a large portion of the population is growing more comfortable with the haggling process: Women. According to the survey results from a survey from, women are warming up to the negotiation process — more so than men, in fact. According to the online survey – that was presented to more than 1,000 drivers across the country — a third of the female responders (33.3 percent) say negotiation “makes it (car buying) a fun process”, compared to only a quarter (25.1 percent) of men respondents. Furthermore, 22.7 percent of men say they “have learned to do it, but really don’t like it,” compared with 17.5 percent of women. Additionally, the study found that though both men (60.6 percent) and women (53.5 percent) said they prefer to have lots of information that they have researched beforehand to present to the dealer while negotiating, Women tend to focus on the first monthly payment as a means to make a car deal more attractive.

For more on how men and women approach the vehicle-buying process, click here.

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