FBI: Driverless Cars Could Be Perfect For Police . . . But Also For Getaway Criminals

FBI seal

The driverless cars of the future, such as those being developed by Google and a number of automotive manufacturers, could help police chase down criminals but could equally help lawbreakers make a fast get away, according to a newly released FBI report.

Forbes reports that according to the report, within a few years, the cars could allow getaway vehicles to speed away from a crime scene while criminals conduct previously impossible tasks “that require the use of both hands or taking one’s eyes off the road”, the FBI warns. It expects autonomous cars to be approved by the U.S. government for public use within the next seven years.

The report, obtained by the UK’s Guardian newspaper through a public records request, paints a mixed picture of the technology in relation to crime, stating that in equal measure self-driving cars could allow authorities to respond more effectively to incidents. 

Many different companies are involved in the development of driverless cars, including Google with its secretive Google X division. 

Driverless Toyota Prius

Pure automotive manufacturers around the world – including Ford, Toyota, BMW, and many others – are also involved in the cars’ development (above is a picture of a Toyota Prius modified by Google to be a driverless car, operating on a testing path). For more on how driverless cars could help both police and criminals, click here.



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